To Hell With Purple People

I'm too lazy to write anything today -- I'm also beyond flustered that fucking Stanford made the tourney and Bradley did not -- so watch this and waste five minutes.

Mitch is one of my favorite comedians, it's too bad he died. Where is his bass in the clip?

Stanford and Bradley?
What about Illinois and Kansas State? The Big Ten has been way overrated by the selection comittee.
Neither Stanford nor Arkansas should be anywhere near the NCAA tourney. Illinois I like (you know, besides the fact that I'm an Illinois fan) b/c they could match up with SIU in the second round and fight for basketball supremecy over the state of Illinois.
Mitch Hedberg is just not that funny to me. You could pretty much say "I mean, what's the deal?" after everything he says and have a Jerry Seinfeld skit.
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