You know what I miss?

Baseball. Two more weeks.

You know what else I miss? Smoking at baseball games. Well, no more of that. My position on this matter (smoking bans in general) still stands -- but since they're a private enterprise it is their right; it's my right to not like it, though. But really, when did it be okay for us to all be a bunch of sissies? Whatever happened to smoking a pack of Reds, slamming some boiler-makers and getting in fist fights?

Somewhere along the way we stopped carrying our lunches in metal pails, cursing at children and beating our wives and started being gigantic wimps that moisturize our skin and let the non-smokers push us around.

For shame, men of America. For fucking shame.

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i'm so glad i quit smoking at new years. i don't think i could have survived a game without a cigarette.
Everyone can smoke my cock. There, I said it.
I only smoke when I'm on fire, but one of my fondest memories of my first baseball games at Tiger Stadium include the scent of cigar smoke wafting through the first-base-side lower deck stands. (My mom hated the smell, but I actually kind of liked it.)

That being said, I'm glad there's no smoking left in the stands. I shouldn't have to be subjected to second-hand smoke, a known carcinogen, if I don't want to be. Hell, I was in a restaurant in Michigan on the weekend and was absolutely amazed they had a smoking section; I once heard someone suggest that having a "no smoking" section in a restaurant is like having a "no peeing" section in a pool, and I agree with it.
I don't even smoke all that often at games, it just seems not being able to is kind of facist. And while some of my favorite sports photographs are of old timey basketball games played in smokey airplane hangers with everyone in the stands was wearing suits and puffinh on poorly made cigarettes, I realize that the ship has sailed on smoking in your seat. However, asking someone to go outside of an outdoor arena to smoke is just... weird.
As a non-smoker, I'm generally all for smoking bans, but I have to agree this one is a little excessive. I went to over a dozen games last year, and I don't recall ever being bothered by smoke, other than from the grills. I see nothing wrong with keeping some designated areas at the edges of the upper deck and on the ground level.
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