This is Skip Schumaker. Skippy is on the team mainly as a defensive specialist. Some people wanted John Rodriguez to have the final outfield roster spot for the Cards, but TLR likes having Skip's defensive prowess in his arsenal.

And then last night, during the cards 4-1 loss to fire balling El Duque and his Mets, Skippy got hit in the head.

By a fly ball.

I fear that karma may be paying us back for last October.

Oh well, time to tip the cap and move on. Go get 'em Braden Looper! Lets not let this:

actually happen.

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Do you think Dunc's toilet could play the outfield?

I have a feeling that Oquendo's hole-in-the-ground could definitely play infield.
This team needs a real right fielder. I fear that Juan Encarnacion has been sent into the past to save Sarah Connor and we may never see him again.

Huh! I just thought of a cartoon for tomorrow!
Who do you think he is saving her from, Jim Lindeman?
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