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Robber takes frozen food from Long John Silver's

Peoria - Employees at a North Peoria fast food restaurant thought something was fishy* when they discovered someone had entered their business during the night.

A manager at Long John Silver's, 7810 N. University St., found an intruder had pried a window open on the south side of the building sometime between 11:30 p.m. Sunday and 8:15 a.m. Monday, police reports said.

Once inside, the robber tried to break into a safe to no avail and later left with an unknown amount of frozen meat and seafood.

If you ever find yourself inside of a Long John Silver's freezer, stealing boxes of frozen seafood, I think you should pause for a second to look back and try to find the exact moment that your life began to spiral out of control. So out of control that you eventually find yourself standing in the freezer of a Long John Silver's, stealing boxes of frozen seafood.

And then run, man! You got fish to cook!

* That pun was unavoidable and you know it.

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