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Earlier this week, I was lamenting on the lack of having an "official" Cardinals blog to comment upon my Cardinal thoughts, most of which have to do with the strange tingling which comes from my loins whenever Braden Looper strikes somebody out. Since last years Daily Redbird is now kaput -- 3/5 of the rotation (Bacott, Imig, and Sebek) are now blogging at STL Sports Mag, which you should check out -- The odd men out (Major and I) have decided to start our own Cards blog (since those stupid idiots wont let us in their crappy club for jerks).

It's name: Random Cardinal Thoughts

So Major (who you probably know from Joe Sports Fan) and I (from, well, here) are going to be joined by Liam (from Hey... Listen), Mozzy (from, well... down the street, I guess), and a few other yet to be determined souls in writing what will hopefully be the most ridiculous Cardinals blog out there. Just a bunch of 20-somethings Cards fans, full of piss and vinegar (not that much vinegar, really) with a disproportionate knowledge of mid 90's gangsta rap and a strong dislike for Skip Schumaker.

I'd like to think that the blog will, in the end, be a total, unmitigated disaster. An absolute cyber train wreck, if you will. I promise to be as ridiculous, and as random, as humanly possible for the next few months. If I have to rationally compare Scott Spiezio to Tesla's "Love Song", don't you push me, I'll do it.

I will freaking do it.

Stop on by, say hello, read some of Cliff Clavin's Little Known Cardinals Fact O' The Day™, go to a motel, drink a gallon of brandy, hang out in robes, and see what develops.

Cause I think I dig your style.

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i hate skip schumaker too. what a little bitch
Also, If I ever see him in the VIP lounge at Hrabosky's I'm gonna kick his ass.
Your sleeves were pushed up... that looks pretty awesome.
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