Time Travelin' Juan Encarnacion, Part I

Since pulling a no-show at the World Series parade, Juan Encarnacion has been seldom seen around Cardinals Nation. After I noticed he ghost rode (no, not that way) his convertible in the Opening Night festivities, it dawned on me what has happened. Tony La Russa, the (evil?) genius which he is, has sent Juan (better known as "The Cyborg Who Plays Right Field") back throughout time to, in the words of the good Dr. Beckett, "Put right what once went wrong."

Right now, as you are reading this, Juan Encarnacion is somewhere in the past, cleaning up some of Tony La Russa's mistakes. I realize this may blow your mind, but that's because you're not thinking fourth dimensionally, Marty.

So let us take a look at where Juan is right at this very moment:

July 23, 1998: In an effort to keep Ray Lankford as a skinny base stealer with some pop in his bat throughout the late 90's (and not just another fat guy with warning track power), Tony La Russa has sent T-1000 Encarnacion to Mike Duffy's Pub & Grill in order to keep Ray from eating a sixth plate of chicken wings.

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I feel suddenly hip. Woulda thought that "ghost riding" was the same thing as geisterfahren—driving the wrong way on a highway at night with your headlights off to commit suicide in spectacular fashion.

This clip is freaking hilarious. Youtube rules.
Check out these brainiacs! Ghostridin' all the way to intensive care. ICU in the hizouse! HAHAHA

The funny part about this blog is not so much the 'ghost riding' reference as it is the fact that I actually saw Ray Lankford eating chicken wings at Mike Duffy's. And man was he hungry.
Time Travelin' Juan may be my favorite feature of the internet. EVER.
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