Time Travelin' Juan Encarnacion, Part II

October 15, 1988: During the 9th inning of Game One of the 1988 World Series, T-1000 Encarnacion shows up in the Los Angeles Dodgers' dugout with a bowl full of spaghetti and meatballs, distracting Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorda. Lasorda fails to put Kirk Gibson in as a pinch hitter and Dennis Eckersley goes on to get the save for the A's, who in turn proceed to sweep the Dodgers, giving Tony La Russa his first World Series title.

And now, a public service announcement brought to you by Major League Baseball:

[have a great easter weekend, everybody. remember to ring in the resurrection of christ with a bang. and by "a bang", i mean "whiskey shooters."]

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You got it, Eck. Up with hope, down with dope!
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