Time Travelin' Juan Encarnacion, Part IV

May 5, 1997: During the release of NBC's upcoming Fall schedule, Juan shows up to make sure "Wings" gets a lifetime contract on the Network.

(Note- this one doesn't have anything to do with Tony La Russa; Juan just thinks that Lowell Mather, Antonio Scarpacci, and Roy Biggins were all hilarious.)

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Is that a young Jack Donaghy?
I like how Juan has been getting progressively darker over the last few days. Perhaps all this time travel, gun-wielding, and history re-writing has returned his skin's pigmentation from his Casper-like beginnings to a soulful color of Juan.
I was wondering if anyone would catch that. Not for nothing, you'll find out the answer in due time. FYC readers... smarter than you'd think.

And, yes, that's a young Jack Donaghy. His hair looks awful!
Is Juan throwing up gang signs?
Maybe, but I think he's just saying everything is okay. It's just that the drawer is functionally retarded.
Lowell was one of my favorites as well. If you haven't done so, you ought to check out Ned And Stacy, another show with Thomas Haden Church. Season one is available at a dealer near you.

Why is Juan only traveling to the 80's and 90's so far? I also notice that he lost his belt during the warp between parts 2 and 3, but was able to recover it by part 4.
Helen was hot in Wings. Yes Cuz, I have a thing for Helen's.
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