The Lady Friend and I went up to Peoria last weekend, partly because it was Mothers Day, but mainly because the batch of brews we cooked up last month at Rhodell's were finally done fermenting and needed a good, old fashioned bottling/drinking.

The beers -- a nice belgian blonde -- were all magically delicious, and we were joined at Rhodells with long time friends of the show Tito and Julia. Later in the evening, we ended up meeting up (I just bookended a word with the word "up"; that looks weird) with a group of friends for drinks on the riverfront. Nice little Saturday, really.

Six hours later, after a 3 am run to Steak n' Shake and about a million beers, Tito and I were in his basement, with our respective ladies sleeping sleepily (?) upstairs, slowly drinking ourselves to sleep and watching Starship Troopers on TBS.

It kind of hit us both that there was something way too familiar about the whole scene.

I said to Tito, "If we were drinking Icehouse and getting ready to play Goldeneye, I'd be pretty freaked out that we had hit some sort of weird time warp."

"Yeah," Tito replied. He paused for a few seconds. "I wish I still had Goldeneye."

"Me too."

Since 1999, Tito and I have both come a long way. I've traveled around the world, held a top secret security clearance, did a war, did some schoolin, began a burgeoning career, got engaged to a lovely little strumpet, killed a Moroccan for "looking at me funny." In the same time, Tito has graduated from U of I, finished law school, gotten married, passed the bar, bought a house, has some sort of real job and a dog. We are -- or, at least, should be -- grown ups.

Yet, if you had a time machine, I can pretty much guarantee you that on the second weekend of May, in the year 1999, Tito and I were sitting in his living room at 5 in the morning, retardedly drunk, and probably watching Starship Troopers on TBS.

The only real difference between 1999 Tito and Al and 2007 Tito and Al is that we now both get laid on a regular basis, legally and without paying for it.

Not that I'm complaining; it's a pretty nice life. I've got a wonderful bride, The Simpsons on DVD, a fridge full of ales; and I'm free to misuse semi-colons till my heart's content. Which, when I was 19, is pretty much all I could have asked for out of life (except a rocket car and a gold plated house). But in eight years, we've come so far, only to really go pretty much nowhere.

I need a vacation.

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Dude, that's really strange. Liam and I were also watching Starship Troopers on TBS in a drunken haze on Saturday night / Sunday morning at 4 am. We were both groomsmen in a wedding that day and had been drinking since about 2 pm. Crazy fun stuff I tell's ya.
Starship Troopers is really dated now, isn't it? The special effects (which I remember being really good for when it came out) are laughable.

The hot chicks in it are still hot, though.
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