Hearting Long Weekends Since 1904

Nothing for today, really. Tis the dawn of a holiday 'ender and Al's already spent? This cannot be a sign of good.

Anyways; Just wanted to wish a happy travels to my buddy Pat as he starts off on his long weird move to Montana. This town wont be the same without his tiny, tiny head around anymore.

I'm off to Memphis for the weekend. If any of you smart, sexy readers are wise in the ways of our neighbor to the South (Memphis), feel free to drop of a recommendation in thy comments.

Memphis! Yeah!

[have a great memorial, everybody. remember what this weekend is all 'bout: drinking canned beers and listening to the allman brothers.]


If the Redbirds were in town you wouldn't be disappointed stopping by AutoZone Park - that is, to eat the BBQ nachos. Easily the best ballpark food I've ever experienced.
I saw J Rod on Beale Street after the Civil Rights Game. He looked sad. Stop by Rondevous and the forementioned Beale Street is always nice.
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