LL Cool Yadi

I often wonder who Girls Who are Cardinal Fans (G-WHORES, if you will) like more: Yadi or So Taguchi. I honestly can't explain it, but nearly every G-WHORE I have met has a tremendous crush on either So or Jaddee.

Why Joe Pettini gets no love is beyond me.

Anyway, I sent out an e-mail to some G-WHORES (if you can't tell, I really enjoy typing that) yesterday breaking the bad news that Yad is going to be riding the pine for the next six week, out with a broken left wrist. And I got an e-mail back form my friend Erin, who writes:

"With Yadi's broken wrist, he may need some help jerking off...should I send out an offer?"


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This is off topic, but none the less, i believe you are responsible for the Al. http://www.slate.com/id/2167292?GT1=10034
bad news for all us g-whores - both yadi and so are married. i never even knew....
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