West Peoria woman allegedly started fight

PEORIA - An intoxicated West Peoria woman was arrested Sunday after allegedly punching another woman in the face and yelling racial slurs.

Peoria County sheriff's deputies were called about 2:40 a.m. to the 600 block of Western Avenue about a fight involving four women.

When they arrived, they found Roxanne N. York, 20, 1322 N. Stever Ave., sitting on the ground, yelling racial epithets at three African-American women, according to police reports.

York reportedly walked out in front of traffic on Western, prompting her victim to stop to check on York's welfare. York allegedly grew angry at the driver, and after opening the passenger side door, started punching her female passenger in the face.

The driver and another passenger pulled York off their friend and called police.

When asked about the incident, York allegedly swore at the deputy, who placed her in his squad car. There, she urinated¹ and repeatedly banged her head and kicked the safety glass in the back of the car.

The deputy had to spray York with pepper spray to get her to settle down.

York was taken to the Peoria County Jail and booked on charges of vehicle invasion, aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol² and improper walking on highway.

¹ Awesome.
² Seriously? Pedestrian under the influence? Two thoughts: 1) How have I never got one of these before? 2) How are drunk people supposed to get home? They can't drive. They can't ride a bike. And now they can't walk. I see two solutions: 1 or 2.

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Wow. That's some dame. Basically she required a individual chemical attack to be put down. I'm impressed.

I wonder if PUI is different from a drunk in public charge. I know you can get those (not first hand knowledge).

Think she'd had any whiskey sours that night?
well, i do know that you can't ride a horse under the influence... my cousin got busted for that a few years back in nearby Canton.

ya, i know, we are hicks around here.
I see a third option! After all, how they hell do you pull someone over in on of those? Or more realistically, one of these.
Re: Option #2... Those bad boys come with a variety of useful features.
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