Your Thursday Time Waster

I am a huge nerd. This is pretty well established: I like things like history, cooking, computer networks, literature, and video games. I also like maps. Yes, that's right maps. And that is why I love google maps.

I wasted two hours of worky time yesterday looking at maps. Maps of what? Stuff. What stuff? (Jesus, man what's with all the fucking questions?) Stuff like:

Checking out all of the sporting arenas in Mexico City.

Wondering what year google thinks it is in St Louis (that's got to be from like '03, right? Step it up google.)

Checking in on the detainees in Gitmo (I'm pretty surprised this one isn't blacked out, actually.)

Seeing what those sneaky Russians are up to (the answer? No good.)

Wishing I was chilling with a mojito at this dudes house right now.

Looking for my wallet that I lost in Cartagena (there it is!)

So, anyway, yeah. That's a timewaster.

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I had been waiting for Google to update their maps so that I could find one with my house actually being there (See, I started building in '04 and didn't move in until '05). Approx. a month ago, they updated their maps of my area so I can now see my house, however it has no roof! Better yet, they stopped updating right at the property line between my farm and my neighbor's farm. Apparently they took my pictures either in the spring or summer, but they took my neighbor's in the autumn or winter. It's kind of cool to see that my trees are all green and healthy while his are all sick and leaf-less.

As you can tell, it doesn't take much to entertain me.
try this instead:

i'm sure you've seen this by now but if you haven't...looking for this got me through about 20 minutes of a slow work day recently.

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