You Suck, Al!

Well that was the suckiest week of sucky blogging to ever suck. My apologies, but I'm slacking this summer; it's pretty much on purpose -- I'm enjoying one last summer of simple pleasures like video games and drinking -- this time next summer I'll be married [(?)(!)] and it seems like those kind of things aren't allowed when you're married (for some reason I picture my life rapidly descending into some kind of "King of Queens"-ish CBS bad family sitcom hell; I'll start working for a deliver company, The Lady Friend's dad will own The Malibu Sands, we'll befriend a black couple).

So I'm neglecting just about everything during this glorious little summer of ours; relationships, commitments, careers, houseplants, hygiene -- seriously, everything... including this blog.

Honestly, I just don't have shit to write about and I'm not putting forth the effort to think of something. I'll have something next week, as I hit a very special anniversary, but other than that it's going to be hit and miss the rest of the summer.


Anyway, that's it for me for a little -- I'll get back at you whenevers. Hell, maybe something cool will actually happen in my life and I'll be compelled to write about. In fact, I can only hope this weekend's fun can match that of last weekend's copious amount of ribaldry, where we found ourselves at a 'q down the street at long time friend of the shows Erin and Cathy's house. That party was the first party I have been to in over eight years to have the cops called on it. The cops (who were younger than most of the party goers) were really confused about why they were called to a yard full of mid-to-late twenty somethings, all drinking, gabbing relatively quietly, and enjoying some bags and washers. The cops almost seemed disappointed in us for not being wilder.

Maybe this weekend, we will be!

[anyway, have a great weekend, kids.]


Hiatus is the new daily posting.

By the way, I love that you got King of Queens and Saved By the Bell in the first paragraph -- Stacy Carosi would be proud.
you left out the part of the 2AM homemade slip-n-slide. a paint tarp & canola oil .....those damn cops wouldve appreciated that!!
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