Dear Brewers and/or Cubs

Please win some games so I can stop having hope that the Cardinals will somehow miraculously win the division with this inconsistent, bad (actually, they're quite good at being inconsistent) fuckawful pitching staff / lineup. Also, would you mind trading for Aaron Miles and David Eckstein? That would be great.



Dear Boxcar,

Please make an actual post next time so I can stop having hope that you will say something meaningful. Also, would you mind using the word fuckawful more often? That would be great.

I've waited a few weeks and all I got was this crappy post. What the fuck Big EEEEZZZ
Ricky Ricky
You're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind,
Hey Ricky!
(Bah Dum Dum)
Hey Ricky!

That was pretty gay, wasn't it.
Rick Ankiel?!?!?!
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