The State

I make references from "The State" all the time (particuarly sandwich feet/penis face jokes), but I don't think many people ever get them. Which is a damn shame, really and makes me look like an even bigger dolt than normal. Anyway, here's some good youtubage of the ol' MTV classic:

$240 Worth of Pudding:

Monkey Torture:

And my personal favorite, Old Fashioned Guy (I wish I could find more of these):

[have a great weekend, kids. enjoy the balloon race. (?)]

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I've always been fond of the skit where they guy kept saying "I want to dip my balls in it".
I love the tacos. They're maybe the best tacos I've ever had. But I think if I had to choose between the mail, and the tacos, I have to choose the mail.
Plus, it's FINALLY coming out on DVD, albeit with an TBA release date.
God, please kill Tim.
I'm Doug and I'm out of here.
Holy crap, that's Johnny Blue Jeans.
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