I support families. While I don't know if I really want one of my own (children are disgusting), I can understand why others might. Me, I'll be on the porch with a beer, listening to the game. Have fun changing diapers, teaching your kids to read, and loving. Suckers.

Anyhoo, part of being a family is sharing a family meal together. Now I know that the old tyme big Italian-style family meal has gone the way of the employed Italian, to be replaced with such cheap family dinner alternatives like a bucket of KFC or the greatest meal ever invented, Monical's Family Pleaser. That's all well and good, but there's nothing in there for the real dysfunctional family. You know, the boozy, cursing, redneck family. Until now:

As seen at the Conoco in lovely Glen Carbon, IL, it's the Busch Beer Family 12 pack! Awesome. Grab the youngin's from Aunt Lurlene's Daycare and Nails, pile 'em up in the wagon, bail the hubby out of the clink, and swing by the corner gas station for some cool ranch doritos and a family 12 pack of Busch heavies.

Remember: The family that drinks together, stinks together.

(I've got to work on that one.)

[have a great weekend, kids. enjoy suckbowl I.]

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Hey, that place is like a block from my apartment.
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