How about you, sideburns?

You'll have to excuse the infrequent at best posting as of late. I have jury duty next week and the thought that some guy may get the chair because I was thinking about Quantum Leap and snoozing underneath my fake eye glasses is a little unnerving. (Question: "What in the world does having jury duty have to do with you not posting on your blog in a week and a half, Al?" Answer: "Shut up.")

Anyway, two things on the baseball front:

1) Barring a minor miracle taking place over the next five days, the 2007 Baseball Cardinals season is officially over. I can say without a smidgen of doubt, that this was the oddest season I have ever seen a baseball team go through.

Case in point: Your utility man (Scott Spiezio) goes into rehab. Three weeks later, he's rocking out on stage with REO Fucking Speedwagon out at Riverport. Meanwhile his team is playing baseball in Arizona. And that's maybe the 237th oddest thing to have happened this season.

Someone needs to write a book on this season. And it should include sex scenes.

2) Former Major League "baseball player" and "guy who don't write good" Mike Pagliarulo has a blog (or something; to call it a blog is almost disrespctful to bloggers everywhere).

What does this have to do with anything? As always, it doesn't. However, for one of the more entertaining reads on the internets, check out the skewering over at the always enjoyable Fire Joe Morgan.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a big weekend of doing nothing* at the lake planned to gear up for this jury duty thing next week (which, hopefully, will actually give me something to write about).

*Nothing = Drinking and watching sports

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That Fire Joe Morgan thing about Pags is maybe the funniest breakdown of someone else's columns I've ever read in my life. Classic.
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