Fall has Fallen

I'm off to the lake for a weekend of baseball playoffs (go indigenous peoples of north america), chili, football (go indigenous peoples of north america located in the upper Mississippi River valley!), and of course:

(Man, I wish I was old enough to have drank beer brand beer. That stuff always tantalized me as a young boy shopping with his mom at Krogers back in the day. Alas, in was nothing but Big K and Shasta grape sodas for me.)

But when I get back, there will be a special message to the person I hate the very most in the entire world (besides terrorists, the blind, and Carlos Mencia of course). So hopefully that will get you through the weekend.

[have a great one, ya'll. get out there and be somebody!]

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Sorry it took me two weeks to find this, but that's a great photo, Gammy.
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