It's Fakesgiving Time

The Lady Friend and I now have a tradition of being out of the country for Thanksgiving the last two years in a row -- which seems odd to me as Thanksgiving Week in Peoria was my favorite week of the year for about five years running; things change, people move, etc. -- however, we established last year the holiday of Fakesgiving the Sunday before we hopped our flight. I grilled up a spiced turkey breast, she did up some potatoes mashed style, we had some wine and all was well.

And, based on precedent, that means two days from now, this Sunday, is Fakesgiving.

This year, since even more folks will be joining us outside the borders this Thanksgiving, we decided to up the Fakesgiving festivities. It will be a real, huge Thanksgiving style meal, but on a fake day. Fakesgiving, indeed.

This will be my first attempt at roasting a whole, twenty pound bird (wish me luck) (I'm really fucking sick of that bird taking up half of my fridge for the last week. Thaw already!), and we've got a menu of potatoes, stuffing, salad, berries cranned, casserole, jello, and pumpkin trifle to go along with it.

That may sound like a lot of food (and it is), but we've got twenty or so feisty Fakesgiving-ers coming over. Top times and a heck of a way to end the last weekend of The Lady Friend and I's singlehood.

Enjoy yourselves a nice Fakesgiving, too, will ya? It's turkey, it's wine, it's friends and family, it's football; why not do this twice a year from now on?

[enjoy veterans day and the marine corps birthday, too, kids. america, fuck yeah! and go illni.]

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Your Thanksgiving is always a Fakesgiving.

Come up to Canada! We have our Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October... y'know, before we seal off our igloos for our eight months of blizzards and darkness and Anne Murray karaoke-o-thons.
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