Reason #1 Why I Love Mexico: The Company

Yes, it may sound cheesy, but my favorite part of going to el mejico is the people. And not just the friends I get to hang out with, but also the bartenders and staff which not only put up with my broken spanglish and incessant pointing in a fruitless attempt to communicate with them, but do so with a smile. Incredibly patient and friendly people. Except when waiting on douchebags.

But then there is hanging out with my friends; be it posing as a boy band, getting a drunken four dragons pose, being oddly seduced, wearing sombreros, playing around with and/or inside of storage equipment, or just maxing and relaxing outside of the pool.

And later on, heading back to someone's room at two in the morn', ordering 12 hamburgers, six order of fries, some quesadillas, a few club sandwiches, tacos, 24 beers, and 24 waters and having it all arrive in twenty minutes. It is then fun to watch your friends pass out while eating a 'dilla.

Hell, in Tulum, even hanging out with my alcoholic stuffed dog (or other fake dogs) is nice.

Everything is better in Mexico. Seis más días.

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Is it bad that i dont remember any of those pictures being taken?
Sounds about right. If I didn't have pictures of them, I wouldn't remember than, either.
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