Reason #3 Why I Love Mexico: The Miami Vice

(I love you)

The bars in Tulum serve up a generous amount of specialty cocktails -- the leaping lizard, electronic lemonade, a host of others -- but the real star of the show is the Miami Vice. It's half strawberry daquiri and half pina colada.

At first it starts off like a Steak n' Shake side by side milkshake turned upside down, but as the warm Caribbean sun beats down on your glass, the two sides of freezy goodness begin to melt together. That's when the good stuff happens.

If ever there was a perfect drink to compliment playing pool basketball or boccee on the beach, it's the Miami Vice. The only problem is you may get full after taking in four or five of them. My suggestion? Go to the restroom and make room for more. Quit being such a fucking pussy.

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