Reason #4 Why I Love Mexico: Mojitos

"I was uh... very pleased and surprised, I was really not expecting an open bar. Top shelf booze, I tell ya. This guy knew his stuff. Made me a mojito. (sips) I don't think its a gay drink. Mojito..." - Brian Griffin

It's five simple ingrediants: rum, sugar, lime, carbonated water and mint; Things which, on their own, are rarely very appealing. Together, however, they form one of the greatest beach cocktails of all time. Once the mint is muddled with the sugar and the lime, the rum is added, and it's topped off with a splash of soda water, all is right with the world. It's the combination of all of it's ingrediants which make it work, the sum of it's parts, if you will. It's perfectly socialist.

Plus, as fake Samuel Jackson would say, "It'll get ya' drunk!"

(note - Mojitos would be higher up on the list, but I once yakked after drinking them for ten straight hours and it looked like I puked up a head of romaine and a citrus stand. Not appealing, that.)

[have a great weekend, everyone. enjoy the sweatshirt weather.]

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actually, i don't mean to burst your weird bubble here, but mojitos are about as gay as tiny latin man in a french maid halloween costume. and dont try to tell me otherwise.
Well, Nate... Other than having sex with men, mojitos are the gayest things i do.
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