Al's Mexcellent Adventure, Days Four and Five: A Wedding and a Hangover

A day, Saturday, my wedding day, in pictures -- many thanks to Matt, Jaquie (who apparently doesn't like being referred to as a coked out lesbian on the internet; my bad, Jaq), and a perhaps bisexual Spaniard who followed us around for an hour, making us pose in very odd manors, until I was near punching him in the eye and he left us alone.

The Groom:

A really cool picture of Will in a ridiculous hat:

The dudes:

During the ceremony, Dennis Quaid watches a kite surfer:

Fists of victory:

The happy couple:

The wedding party:


(Then there was a dinner, which was the best seven course meal of my life, but apparently there are no pics of it. Whatevs.)

White people dancing:

Drinks, drinks, and more drinks:

From there the reception ended up getting a little too hot and was moved to the discotheque, where my faux cousin Jeremy and I did the world's worst teuila shot (I took it down, looked Jeremy straight in the eye, said "excuse me" and walked outside the front of the disco where I calmly yacked for the next three minutes. Everything got out, lunch, the seven course dinner, the mojitos, everything, all because of the hot bag of garbage they called a shot. I don't know how Jeremy kept his shot down, but he agreed that it very well could have been a shot of luck warm urine.) So, yes, I puked on my wedding night. All fucking class, this guy.

From there, there was a hostile takeover of the disco's ipod and twenty drunken idiots all standing in a circle, screaming Piano Man at each other. The Wife and I bounced soon after and went back to our room to consummate our marriage.

And by "consummate our marriage" I mean "eat club sandwiches and chicken fingers, drink Coronanitas, and pass out watching Arrested Development DVDs." Like I said, class all around.

Sunday: I was hungover. It was sunny. It was my sisters birthday. I was hungover. We had sushi and some Asian food. I was hungover.

That's really all I remember.

Up next: Drunk Monday and Tulum Tuesday

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Looks like a sweet party, dude.

Well, except for the tequila-gone-bad.

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