Why, Cody, Why?

When debating who the worst baseball player of the last half century was, I have always said Cody McKay.

However, I usually follow it up with: "But, say what you will about Cody McKay... Sure he only had 19 total bases in 76 plate appearances in 2004, and it is true that for a catcher he had an unbelievably hard time actually catching a baseball, and maybe he broke the all time record for transferring ones profession from "Major League Baseball player" to "real estate agent", and, yes, his dad does have a ridiculous attraction to grab a mans ass with one hand, rub his shoulders with the other, and whisper gently, delicately, lovingly into their ear *, but, God damn it, there is no way in hell that motherfucker took steroids!"

Now, that saying is shot to hell. Will the fury light tapping of the wrist of the Mitchell Report know no ends?!?

Also named:

At least we know Taguchi was clean. Or do we?**

*That had to be really weird the first time Cody reached first base in the majors and his dad made it to first base with him.

** Yes. Yes we do.

[have a great weekend, folks. enjoy the pure, driven, midwestern snow.]

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The questions I'm sure are on everyone's minds...

Did Larry Fucking Bigbie's drug use precipitate his belly button popping out? Did his HGH use cause his innards to grow at a rate his naval couldn't sustain? After turning informant for The Man against his old teammates, will his new ones in Yokohama talk to him or pretend they don't speak English?
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