Debate #3: Why Isn't It Over Yet?

I thought McCain was winning the debate -- handily -- twenty minutes into it. Then the Ayers question, much like Putin, reared it's ugly head. After Obama -- rather correctly -- explained his connections with Ayers and ACORN (while taking the high road and not mentioning McCain speaking at an ACORN rally last year), Senator McCain was flustered as hell.

Lots of eye rolls, snorts, and smirks.

Very presidential.

By the end of it all:

Also, political adds "attacking" the opponents policies are not "attack ads." These are adds highlighting the differences your administration would have as opposed to the others.

"Attacking" your opponents judgment, character, and relationships, after 20 million Americans have vetted him, are "attack ads." That's the difference.

By the way, Palin's kid has Downs Syndrome, not Autism, John. And Mrs Obama's name is Michelle.

(Not to jinx it, but thanks, Nate: Congratulations, President Obama.)

(Unless Joe The Plumber throws his hat in the ring. Go with the Know Nothings, Joe!)

[Update 10/17]: Joe The Plumber's not even a fucking plumber? We've been had!

And a hat tip to Liam, if McCain would have used his comedy writers on the trail and at the debates, I think he would have been much better off.

Man, he reminds me of Johnny Carson more and more.


Yea, lets "Spread the wealth around." Working well for Canada. No, wait, my friend with cancer had to wait 6 weeks to see a specialist in Canada. Here, took 2 days.

Big government, higher regular and capital gains taxes, entitlements for everyone. Spread the wealth around is not what this country is about.

If Bush was anyway associated with Ayers everyone would be screaming. But its ok for Obama, huh? How exactly does that work??? Seriously???

Im with Joe the plumber. I pay 26%in taxes. Thats not going to be enough for mr socialist. Obama wants to punish those who have been successful. Why?? Do you know what taxing more those who make a certain amount of money is?? SOCIALISM = Income redistribution. Has this ever worked in the history of the world?

A Chicago Democrat in the Oval Office with a San Francico Democrat in charge of congress is my worst nightmare. I guess its the patrioic thing to do, pay more taxes, more entitlements, you dont have to work the democrats will give you money. Lets spread the wealth around, because why should I be able to enjoy the money I have worked for?

Al, we are in for Braggin Rights!!! ILL---INI
I think the socialism train left the building when both parties agreed to the nearly trillion dollar bailout. Not a fan.

Regardless, I will tazer my points across to you at the ten year reunion. Either you will agree with me or your ass hairs will be left scorched and smelling like weird burnt ass hair.
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