Kyle McClellan

Is apparently the commander of US forces in Afghanistan. Or, perhaps, this man has come back from the dead, and will win the civil war half a world away this time.

Granted, I am one of the few that knows who is in command there (It's Gen McKiernan), but if you're going to quote someone on strategy, get their name right please, governor.

I will say that Sarah Palin exceeded the historically low expectations she had set for herself for last nights debate (she didn't yell "FIRE!!!" in the first thirty seconds and run away), but we got a whole lot of style out of the former mayor of a town smaller than Shiloh, IL (admit it, you've never heard of it), even if it was lacking substance. She didn't pee her business skirt, and, somehow, that made her the winner.

While I hate her folksy, populist approach (I'd rather the people leading the country are from downtown, not small town; and the last time we voted for "person I'd like to have a beer with", we are now eight years into being a hated, hated country.) she translates very, very well to some Americans.

And I can't blame her for not answering questions, since the moderator, who is supposed to be in charge of the "debate" let her get away with it.

Sarah Palin during the debate, seemed confidant but ignorant. She "answered" the question but on her own terms. She stuck, religiously, to her talking points and kept her base.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, destroyed John McCain's record on the issues which matters to the working poor and, in my favorite moment of the evening, body slammed Dick Cheney after Gov Palin said she'd like to broaden the role of the VP, fuck the Constitution.

Also, I'd like the president to not smile, wink, and say "you betcha" while answering questions.

I don't want someone who seems "JUST LIKE ME!" to be president, I want someone much smarter than I. Joe Sixpack has lead this country to shit over the last eight years. I want to see what Joe Merlot can do.

When this nation was formed, it was formed by absolutely brilliant people like Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, and Washington. People who hated political parties, but adored the constitution.

The living, breathing document that Gov Palin apparently would love to kill, so long as it's not an incestuous fetus or a gay person who "chooses" to be gay (I honestly wonder if people who are against gay marriages have ever actually talked to a gay person. Being gay isn't a choice; pretending you are not gay and living a terrible life is. Homosexuality is the last acceptable form of discrimination and it is fucking sickening.

The only reason gays are frowned upon is the bible which should be nearly the last thing the government should be referencing to.

And we are at a point in our nation's history where we need such brilliant people, such as our founding fathers. To right the ship; And I honestly believe Barack Obama is a brilliant man.

He is the type of person who cherishes the constitution, not the type to change it to give more power to the executive branch.

Sarah Palin, who is experienced as A PTA member, wants expanded Vice Presidential responsibilities.

Joe Biden wants a stiff vodka drink. I know who gets my vote.

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Not to start a fight but what has Barack Obama said or done that makes you think he's any smarter than you are, much less on a plane of political greatness with the likes of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Adams?

As far as I can tell, his life's major achievements are: writing two autobiographies without ever holding a respectable job and campaigning his way to a modest lead in perhaps the most favorable electoral climate for a non-incumbent since, arguably, Harding's campaign in 1920.

Why do I see (charitably) Carter II and you (and a lot of other smart people I know) see the greatest American politician since Lincoln? What the heck am I missing?
I'd say being a senior lecturer of constitutional law is kind of a respectable job.

I hold people's ability to put thought and words to paper as a great sign of intellect, perhaps to a fault. I actually haven't read his second book, but just off of his first, I can't imagine any other politician -- especially Bush or Palin -- writing anything that eloquent. It was probably the best memoir by a politician I have read since Profiles in Courage.

Is that the best way to judge someone's intellect? Probably not. But it's enough to lead me to believe he'll put more thought into decision making than McCain would.

Besides, he can't possibly be as bad as Gary Carter.
Yeah, the Harvard Law thing shows he's of decent intelligence.

And the way the country is these days, I don't see anything as an extremely favorable climate, at least in regards to 1920. Were we this polarized in 1920? I'd ask someone from 1920 but he's busy staring at shiny things.

Also, from what I've read on Carter (I wasn't around back then), they really aren't that much alike. Carter was a visionary but a poor leader who trusted people too much. Obama's just a smart dude with whom I tend to agree with moreso than I do with McCain. And Palin. Maybe because the last thing I care about are gays and their gayness.
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