The Sixth Glass

Missouri's own Boulevard Brewing Company has released a series of specialty crafted beers called The Smokestack Series. The king of the class is The Sixth Glass.

I'm not going to begin to try to describe it, as words like "glorious," "bonerific," and "strumtrulescent" would only do it a disservice so great that I'm afraid it's ridiculous magical abilities would turn my taste buds against me and I would never again be able to enjoy the better than bonerific brew.

Try it, as soon as humanely possible, if not faster. We're talking about world peace makin' taste here.

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Have you tried Wild Blue that A-B makes? It is an outstanding dessert beer.
I haven't even seen it, Jim.

For as much as AB is marketing their new brews (Michelob stuff especially), I'm not really finding it on the shelves.
I had it during a beer tasting session at Busch Gardens last month. As the name implies, it is made out of blueberries and it is quite sweet.
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