Dear Virginia Coleman & Gary Halm

You guys owe John Mozeliak an apology.

Also, write more letters to newspapers, America! I, personally, love them.

In the age of anonymous comments on online newspaper articles [which makes our fair city of Saint Louis appear to consist nearly entirely of racists, fear mongers, the under educated, racists, elitists, suburbanites, and racists (judging by the comments left at the Saint Louis Post Dispatch). Seriously, it's most racist shit you'll ever read], sitting down to pen a message via quill and textile and mailing off said correspondence is not only quaint, it's motherfucking gentlemanly.

In conclusion, Aaron Miles is bad at playing baseball.

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The most racist shit I've read lately were the comments to a youtube video of the current Miss America.

I've got a pretty long fuse, but badly wanted to hold some of those kids upside down until they passed out.

Appropriately, the word verification is "paingen".
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"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missouri."