Social Commentary in America

Do you realize we have gone from an America where interracial couples couldn't marry fifty years ago, to one, where, if you listen to certain congresswomen from Minnesota, we will abort your white, Christian child because you ate at Taco Bell when you were seven months pregnant?

Once, you would be discriminated against because you found someone of the the same sex attractive or you didn't want to kill someone from the other side of the world in the name of "democracy."

Today you just aren't allowed to find someone of the same sex attractive as you die or kill for "democracy" or else it's goodbye, fag.

Our society has devolved while progressing at paces literally unimaginable.

Case in point: Great musical social commentary forty years ago was Curtis Mayfield's "We People Who Are Darker Than Blue." Today: Some idiot on Fox saying "Pants on the Ground" over and fucking over.

Sometimes, like right now, I love this country because of our history, and I hate our country because of our reality.

"Pants on the ground."

We are so fucked.

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Glad to see you back. Wish you would post more.
Ahhh...someone who says it like it is!!!

You say it clearer than I as I'm tethered to my Mother's mannerly ways, I'm afraid...

But I do SAY IT nonetheless!

If you're ever inclined for Murder, Manson-style (TLB2)or for a virtual cocktail at my Social Commentary blog (B3), stop by my blogs any old time. I can't promise upbeat but I might serve as the blogging Ying to your blogging Yang!!!

Cordially, (If Not Entirely Sober!)

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This is what I call coming back to blogging with a bang.
tell me about it!! societies have changed a lot in the last decades and that is a good example, and I am not against anything unless they don't allow me to bet on sports through some price per head sportsboks
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