Oh, what a whirl-wind year it's been already! In review:

1/1/06 - I became a spokesman for Oops, I Crapped My Pants.
1/3/06 - Great Orange Bowl!
1/4/06 - If Uncle Tupelo ever taught us anything, it's that mine owners are inherently evil. I guess they did know what they were talking about.
1/4/06 - Texas wins the National Championship! Evelio D'Leon cries himself to sleep somewhere in Al Asad, Iraq while masturbating with his old school U of M hat, whispering something about "glory days" and "Chester Cheetah." (How's that for your recognition, D?)
1/5/06 - I get BOMBED at Pat's Bar off of home-made ginger-ale and whiskeys.
1/6/06 - Cardinals still don't have Roger Clemens, Joe Perry still doesn't have a shirt on.
1/6/06 - I spend 8 minutes of my crappy life reviewing my year.
Consensus: 2006...Same As It Ever Was.

What's on tap for this weekend? Well, The Lady Friend is hoping a train to Kansas City, leaving me up to my own devices (and by devices I mean not wearing pants, cooking up a batch of my award-winning-world-famous "Adam Vinatieri Chili", drinking whiskey, and watching playoff football.)


Have a good one, folks...be back at ya on Monday.

You stay classy, Internets.

Seriously, take that picture of Joe Perry down.

It's fucking scary.
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