Happy Weekend (Question?)

The FYC would like to congratulate you loyal readers on making through the Super Bowl bye-weeks successfully. Two of the more boring and repetitive weeks of the year...and you made it out alive. Perhaps even as a stronger man and/or woman.

Hopefully the rabble rousing and muck-raking on this little ol' site here made it a little easier for you to pass the time, lo these past fourteen days. Whether I was lifting the curtain on Cardinals players who use the same slice of the Internets loved by 15-year-olds, or calling out ESPNABCDISNEY for, well, just for plain old sucking, it's obvious that some of you loved it, some of you hated it, and some of you just can't take a fucking joke.

Now with all of that behind us, we move on to what is next. That, of course, being the Super Bowl. If you must know, with all apologies to Jesse Lamovsky, I'm rooting for the Steelers, if for no other reason than they have much crisper uniforms than Seattle (plus it seems as if Pittsburgh fans root a little bit harder than Seattle fans do, as evidenced by this man, who had a heart attack because another grown man dropped a football.)

Sunday afternoon, I will be finding myself at my buddy Dave's house for the typical Super Bowl party set-up. The host provides the keg, the guests provide the food, and good times are had by all. We all end up as winners (well, unless Quaid pisses himself again.)

So, that's my plans for a hearty day of eating and football watching. Now my question for you this weekend: What's yours?

How do you and yours plan on celebrating this bastion of Americana known as the Super Bowl?

Let us know... The answers may surprise you! Or not. In fact, probably not.

[Happy Super Bowl]

Your mom and a pork steak.
Grabbing a twelve pack and some hot dogs and watching the game. What the fuck do you think I'd be doing?
Tribute to Busch Stadium

I made this short video.
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