The Giants Are So Old...

... That I worte a horribly unfunny pile of jokes about them.

In other news, Al Fritz's free agency has come to a close and he has signed with a team (er... company.)

While it will be nice to have real money again (I've been going counterfit/monopoly for six months now), I will miss playing video games until 3 in the morning, getting drunk whenever I wanted to, and sleeping until either noon or whenever The Lady Friend would bring me lunch.

But those days, much like Jesus Jones' singing career, are things of the past.


[And sorry if that offended you, Jesus Jones, but let's face it, you haven't exactly had a hit in years. Maybe it's time you looked into going back to school. Maybe learn a trade, huh? ITT? DeVry? No?]


No offense taken. I know I've had a little bit of a "slump" since Shubert Dip. Times have been tought competing with grunge in the '90s and now emo.
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