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I am pretty much bored out of my mind right now, something that happens towards the end of every January: Pitchers and catchers are still 30 days away from reporting, there’s no time to go out and play outside, TV (minus Thursday nights) is pretty much craptastic (as an aside: I am realllly missing “Arrested Development.” Damn everybody for that show not being on anymore.); it’s just a really boring stretch of days.

So… Let’s see what’s in the news:

An absolutely fantastic weekend of football is behind us and just about everything which could possibly be said about the gang bang of games has already been said. However I still have two notes:


If you haven’t got sick of this story yet, just you wait. It sounds like we’re in for a “Today Show” this morning and an “Oprah” tomorrow. I’m just guessing here, but from the looks of it, I’ll say that ABC will have a mini-series starring Jeremy Miller as Mike Devlin and an obscure Culkin and that little brat from “Jerry Maguire” as the kids out by the end of the month.

I went out for burgers and pints at O’Connell’s(') with Neighbor Matt, Mozzy, and Mozzy’s roommate Dan on Saturday night when this story naturally worked its way into our convo. We started wondering: If this kid didn’t have to go to school for the last four years, what in the hell did he do all day? Which, of course, led to this:

Mozzy: “So, he just hung out all day, eating pizza and playing video games?”
Me: “Yeah, that doesn’t sound that bad.”
Dan: “I wonder if he’d abduct me next?”
Matt: “Maybe we should quit talking about this now.”

Yeah, we know, we know. We’re going to hell.

Speaking of The Virgin Mary (wait... what?) Krimil has observed a minor miracle.

St. Louis was awarded the 2009 All Star Game. I, for one, can not wait for America’s sportswriters to complain about our decaying urban infrastructure, stifling humidity, dearth of taxis, horrible public transportation, and increasingly generic ballpark. And this is assuming that our city's beloved giant hole of dirt next to the stadium will be filled with, you know, buildings or something by then (which, I’m sure, it won’t be).

I didn’t bother reading the article (I don’t know how to) but from the looks of the headline, either Scott Rolen has been listening to a lot of Phish’s “Billy Breathes” or he spent the last month in Mike Devlin’s apartment.

From the guerilla marketing genui that awarded a shoe contract with Heaven's Gate, Nike is now providing headbands to the jihadi's (or whatever they're doing in that picture.) Eat your giant heart out, Ben Wallace.

Since I para-phrased the title of this here post from Jim Gaffigan, here's some more Gaffigan:

Still bored.


My god, he's so pale!
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