Previewing the NL Central, Part V

April 4th, 2007: After throwing one inning of perfect baseball, Braden Looper's arm falls off.

After weighing his options as to who should be the new #5 starter, Dave Duncan decides "Fuck it. I'm Dave Fucking Duncan. My toilet could win 20 games!"

April 10th, 2007: Dave Duncan's toilet makes it's first start of the year.

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There sure are alot of people losing limbs and lives this season.
Braden Looper is number 41, not number 40.
He also doesn't only have three teeth.

If you want accuracy, go read Mary Worth or that dump park ranger comic... If you want peoples arms falling off and toilets throwing baseballs, you've come to the right place.
You're changing your name to "boxcar?"
Yeah, that's right. And if you don't like it, I'll put down this drifters knapsack and box your ears in.
Are you bringing vagabond back?
Just minding my bindle.
I came to comment that I think this toilet comic is the best yet (not so much the drawing*, but the concept behind it), and now I think it's the best series of comments yet as well. Bravo Boxcar Fritz, Bravo.

*Not intended as a knock against the drawing either, it just hasn't *improved* noticeably.
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