Previewing the NL Central, Part VIII

September 22nd, 2007: After clinching another division title, Tony La Russa celebrates with a long night of banging boilermakers and rock and ryes with Joe Petini. Later that night, he mistakenly takes a drunken poop in Dave Duncan's toilet, becoming the third manager in baseball history to literally poop on a twenty game winner.*

*The last being Johnny Keane mistakingly sharting on Bob Gibson during an autograph convention in 1967. Gibson then killed him.

[And big ups (cool kids still saying that?) to Pat Imig for planting the idea in my head that Dave Duncan's toilet could win twenty games. Who would have thought it would eventually lead to me drawing a crude pencil sketch of a half naked 62 year old man dropping the kids off at the pool? Me, for one.]

[have a great opening day weekend, everybody. if you have any spare tickets for sundays game, i will give you this here half eaten blt for them. oh, and go read this. will nailed it, like bob vila. (you thought i was going to make a whore joke there, didn't you? nope; it's all late 80's PBS humor, all the time.)]

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Does TLR have a mane in that picture?
Locks, flowing.
This series got real weird, real fast.
Does Tony have hair on his knees, but nowhere else on his legs? How do you know facts like these?
Wikipedia, of course.
It also looks as though Tony's arms are too short to clean his own ass. Do you think that he has his own personal ass-wiping assistant? I've wanted one of those since I was 8. They're kind of like Lewis Black's scrotum-cleaning assistant.
I want a custom-made uniform jersey with TOILET stitched above the number 02.

It'll be a race between being assaultd by a Schoendienst fan and spotted by a FYC reader.
Well, this rag only gets about six readers a day (and you jerks really need to get some real jobs), so I wouldn't count on an FYC reader spotting you. That being said, if I did see a "toilet" jersey, I would buy you all the beers you can hold and then some. That'd be awesome.

Jim - Tony's got a serious case of t-rex arms going on. It has less to do with the length of his real arms and more to do with the fact that his head is so big b/c he's so smart. In fact, I heard one time, he's a lawyer. I wonder if Al Hrabosky will mention that this season?
Well, crap, I gotta ask... who was the first manager to poop on a 20 gam e winner?
In 1928, John McGraw pointed a boney finger in Fast Freddie Fitsimmons' direction and pooped on him.

This has to be an internet record for most times someone has said "poop."
Hey, wait a second now Soapbox. I read this blog too. So, I believe that makes it seven readers a day.

Talking about getting a real job, hey if I had a job in which I could write a post or draw a drawing while on the clock, that would be great. Oh wait, I do. Damn, I hate posting and not having a point.
I have a theory that a while back, while bored at work, Al drew this picture of TL sitting on the Jon. He didn’t know why he drew it, he just did. Hell, I once drew an ostrich standing on a mans head who was riding a unicycle on a tight rope, so I know where you were coming from Al. Any way, Al, having the sense of humor he does, saw a challenge. Some how he would come up with subsequent comic strips that would validate his TL-Deuce, and make something completely senseless appear to make sense. Now if I could only do the same thing with this comment.
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