Spiezi-Oh Yeah!!

Riding the felt imperial inspired wave of profit that Scott Spiezio's iconic "tickler" provided last October, I have learned from sources confidential to the hometown nine that the Card's brass has asked Mr. Spiezio to change up his look for 2007, hoping to be able to make a few more bucks off of a new fake facial hair product.

The Cards gave the Spiez nine options for his facial grooming. Serendipitously, I was able to intercept the list of styles:

    1. The Douchebag (aka Chinstrap)
    2. The Handlebar
    3. The Molestache
    4. A Civil War Beard
    5. The Jim Neidhart
    6. A Fu-Man-Chu
    7. An Ahmish
    8. The Abe Lincoln
    9. A Mullet (not really facial hair, but I digress)

    So now I leave it up to you, Cards fans. Myself, I'm partial to the handlebar (he looks like a perfect vaudeville era villain, no?) but a few others would work pretty dang well. You decide what look you'd like to see this summer, and I'll be sure to pass the votes on to my man Walt.

    Cast your votes and let the world know which ridiculous style of facial hair you want Scott forcing on the National League in 2007!

    [have a great arch madness weekend, kids. go rico hill aaron zobrist!]

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