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In case you want to read my NL Central preview in one continuous, strip: Here ye be. Thanks to Imig for getting it together, but he only did it so he wouldn't have to write a column. Lazy bastard.

Completely agree with this. Set your DVRs and VCRs.

Liam live blogged the most anti-climatic Opening Night ever. That Rolen DP was a kick in the balls, no? Not much else to say about the game though. Carp was very un-Carp, soft tossing lefties continue to dominate the Birds, the new scoreboard in right looks great, as do the flags on top of it.

Just a good case of the bad game. Go get 'em tonight, Kip!

Oh, and Tony La Russa does not care for your second guessing. Asshole.

Phil Garner is my favorite manager ever. Everything he did yesterday was the exact opposite of what he should have done. "Who are you, Phil Garner?" "I'm the opposite of every manager you've ever met."

A good way to waste five minutes. I really do love Improv(e) Everywhere.

And that concludes one really lazy post.

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