End You Fucking Week... End!

To help you waste your Friday: Four things which cause me to laugh, whether from thinking about them, or actually viewing them, at least once a day:

The Dugout

The Onion's "In the Know" series

Gus Chiggins: Old Prospector

And, of course, the "Showdown" scene from Kingpin:

Between the gloomy weather, the coverage of Hancock's death, and the return of my insomnia, this week just needs to fucking end. The only way it gets worse is if I find out my dad has cancer.

Which I just happen to have found out last night. Awesome.

[have a great cinco de mayo/kentucky derby/de la hoya-mayweather fight weekend. as the mexican riding a horse at the boxing match would say "las cervezas son tu mejor amigo. el al va a conseguir drinky."]

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