Following around the links from the Deadspins yesterday, I stumbled across some sort of a handsome man contest involving bloggers, and noticed one of Joe Sports Fan's own, noted handsome man Matt Sebek, is in the competition. I urge you all to go here and cast a vote for the #18 seed.

Although, I do wonder about the validity of a hottest blogger contest when neither this guy, nor this guy, nor even this guy is participating.

Luckily, though, neither is this guy, this guy, or this guy.

(Sweet fuck, I take some bad pictures.)

(Also, I'm fairly certain it's illegal for me to talk about handsome men without linking to a picture of Handsome Mark Mulder.)

(And I'm pretty sure this post has just wiped away the twenty seven year record of staunch heterosexuality which I once had.)

(Although I think this now makes me eligible for a "Gay/Bi Bloggy Award" at the end of the year, so I got that going for me.)

(Which is nice.)

(More parentheses.)

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That is one SMOKIN HOT picture of Mulder. Well done Al, well done.
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