Mo Propmendments 2008

Two and a half weeks until the elections are over and I can stop thinking about politics and go back to obsessing on how the Cardinals can acquire an actual shortstop this offseason and why I can't teach my dog to talk like Brian Griffin (I can get him to talk like Gilbert Gottfried, and good god is that annoying).

I do wish there was a Senatorial election in Missouri this cycle, mainly so I could vote against Claire McCaskill for voting for the "bailout" after she said she wouldn't if it included any pork, but also because a filibuster-proof Senate (which is possible) to go along with a Democratic White House is way too much power for a group that, were they to be a baseball team, would probably be the Cubs. I mean, these guys can fuck up anything.

Anyhoo, on to the local offices:

(If you think I'm joking about how I vote on these things, I am not. Joe Biden nearly got my initial support for Democratic nominee simply because he wears aviator sunglasses and likes drinking vodka (he's just like me!) before I sided with Bill Richardson, simply because he's awesome. Then it became clear that he'd never win (but I'm hoping he gets a nice Secretary position, such as Interior or Love), so the allegiance went with the home state Senator.)

On to the props!

So that's where we stand. And by "we" I mean "I." Now, where the fuck did Amendments 2 and 3 run off to?

[have a fantastic fall weekend, everybody. invest in chimineas!]

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if you lived in the county like the cool kids, you could vote on prop M for more metrolink rails! and i'm pretty sure amendment 1 is just for governmental meetings...you'll still have your fill of espanol or serbian? at your nearest The Home Depot.
I'm not sure how you guys are considered county, but whatever. I would like to vote for more rails. Especially if said rails ran into the neighborhoods in the city.
it's richmond heights, yo. and naturally, there is no specification of where these "rails" will go...and we'll probably end up with a track heading somewhere awesome like south county mall.
What are you guys, like a block from city lines?

You county fat cats get more of everything: non-crime, metro stops, propositions.

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