Spring Training!!

The weather is warming up (the massive ice block keeping the door to my terrace firmly shut for the last month finally thawed), the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are trying to have sex with the birds; it's finally spring.

Opening day can't get here fast enough.

From Yahoo!(!) photos and the Post Dispatch:

The more things change:

Reyes' new, dumb hat (thanks a ton, New Era).

Carp's learning him a changeup.

The more things stay the same:

Rick Ankiel is still somehow on the 40 man roster.

I've said it before, I'll say it again (now just because he keeps complaining about it)"boooooo-urns."

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After reading the story in the post today about Edmonds, do you think that he should have sprayed ketchup all over his foot last year in the postseason just like someone else did a few years ago. Sounds like a good topic for a cartoon.
I think Jim Edmonds should run out into oncoming traffic. Then maybe he'll REALLY get injured! The fag.
I couldn't figure out the new caps either; I saw a patch of white over Joel Zumaya's ear and thought, "Is he wearing a 'do-rag bandana under his classic Olde English D cap?" Then I saw it on Todd Jones and, figuring Jonesy wasn't the kind to sport that sort of thing, I had a closer look.

Seriously, is this just so that we'll all run out and buy these new, ridiculous caps? I went hat-shopping the other day, and there are already a ton of ridiculous caps out there.

In other news, I might be zipping down to Florida for a few days to catch some riveting Grapefruit League action. (All Tigers; sadly, no Cardinals. They train too far south.) I'll let you know how dumb the hats look up-close.
It looks like these hats are just BP hats -- they do something dumb with them every year -- but real game hats are changing from wool to polyester this year. Why the wont just go to a cotton "franchise" style, I have no idea.

I'll never understand why the Tigers have their spring training as far as the beach as one can be in Fl, but have fun regardless!
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