Dane Cook is Hilarious!!!


Dane Cook is not funny. I've said this before and I'll probably say it again, if Dane Cook were to go out for beers with my friends, he'd be the least funny guy in the bar (excluding myself, of course). He being considered "funny" is the dumbest thing which has happened to America since people started putting those "No Fear" stickers on their cars.

For a while, I just didn't care, though. Other morons can find him funny, that's fine. I just know well enough to not turn on one of his specials when they're on HBO and to steer clear of his "movies." I don't see him, he doesn't annoy me. Simple as that.

But now with his relentless ad campaign for the MLB playoffs -- which are dumb in and of themselves; why do you run an ad for something that the viewer is already fucking watching? -- I can't take it anymore. Avoidance is no longer an option; annoyance, however, is. He's a gigantic asshat. I hate everything about him, and I just want these playoffs to be over so he goes the fuck away from my tv screen.

On my way back from Indiana this weekend, I stopped by the Christian pilgrimage site which is Effingham, Illinois and had a little talk with God.

Turns out, He hates Dane Cook, too.

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i enjoy dane cook, and i'm not ashamed. i'll agree with the playoff commercials, but i blame that on tbs alone. they overadvertise the hell out of everything. i.e. the bill engvall show
I saw Dane Cook on an HBO comedy special about a decade ago and he was absolutely hysterical. I don't know what happened to the dude since then, but now he's second only to Carlos Mencia for the title of lamest comedian on the planet.
Dane Cook is a clown. Not a comedian.

Carlos Mencia sucks, too.
Dane Cook is not a comedian, he is a self-promoter. And an outstanding self-promoter at that. How else would you explain his popularity as a comedian when he sucks at comedy?

I have heard that within comedian circles, it is common knowledge that he steals jokes from other comedians.
I've heard the plagiarism thing about Cook before, but I'm not convinced. It's hard to come up with a joke that hasn't been done before, at least kind of. Hedberg, Gafigan, and Galifianakis are probably three of the most "original" comics of the last ten years, and a case could be made that even some of their jokes are/were recycled.

Now Mencia straight up stole Bill Cosby's routine; it's one thing to plagiarize your material and that's bad enough -- but to take it from one of the most famous comedians of all times is just fucking dumb.

In conclusion: Dane Cook still sucks, but not as much as Carlos Mencia.
Have you seen this? A friend of mine was the last non-Cook bashing comedian until he saw that.

(It's Dane Cook's emo song, performed without irony.)
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