Labor Day: A Time to Unwind and Spread Your Commie Rhetoric (?)

I went on record back in March that the combo of St Patrick's Day/NCAA Tourney was putting the weekend of 3/17 high in the running for weekend of '07. It officially has some competition: St Louis is bringing it this weekend. Air Show/Blues Fest/Japanese Fest/Greek Fest? That's more than this sleepy little burgh can normally muster in an entire year, all crammed into three days of late summer wonder.

Throw in a Cardinals team in the middle of a playoff mosey (I refuse to call the NL Central a race anymore) limping back into town to take on the Reds and the return of the Illinois - Missouri football rivalry, and that is one packed weekend.

Personally, I am the most excited about the start of college football (although eating my own weight in gyros down at the Greek fest is appetizing as well), however I am not nearly as excited for the Illini-Mizzou game as I should be. The Busch Braggin' Rights game is well documented as being close to my favorite day of the year (Summer solstice), this contest should really be getting my spirits up. If I had to gauge my actual interest level, it would be somewhere between tepid and mild.

Why? Well, one: Illinois is going to get smoked, and two: There are no rights on the line.

Instead of getting sponsored by a beer favored by rednecks, the powers which be sold the rights to State Farm and decided to name it "Arch Rivalry."

Get it? "Arch Rivalry?" It's in St Louis! We have an arch! Fuck, that's clever.

(Current list of hates: 3. Hee Seop Choi, 2. Ragtime Music, 1. Arch. God, I hate the fucking Arch.)

So instead of putting rights to another local product (I personally like "Imo's Impressin' Rights," Liam once suggested the "Sub Shop vs. Jimmy John's Cut Above Game" -- feel free to drop off any other ideas below), they went with a pun. Great.

Unless, of course, they are subtly putting access to the arch on the line, which would be fine with me seeing as I want nothing to do with that deathtrap until they put some doors on it and Illinois is going to get destroyed anyway.

Man, this post really veered off topic.

So, in conclusion: I could not be looking forward to this weekend anymore. If you're in Dogtown this weekend and smell some sweet cherry wood burning, it is I, smoking a pork shoulder, probably drunk and most definitely without pants. Come on in and grab yourself a bloody mary and a round of good time on the house. Just don't hit me with your cucumbers.

[have a great labor day weekend everyone. seriously, illinois is going to get killed saturday.]

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I'm looking forward to seeing how long you can ride this streak of consecutive posts with the cucumber beatings tag.

I'm gonna be missing a good weekend in St. Louis. Will have to watch my U of I upset Mizzou on the DVR. I predict Arrelious Benn goes Tecmo Bowl on the Tigers' defense and special teams.
You have the Arch, we have the CN Tower. I guess every major city needs a major eyesore. Why is that?
I hate commies almost as much as I hate wearing pants.
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